black lace slate


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Black Lace slate is a rare, unique stone used for interior and exterior applications. Because of its superior properties and performance, three dimensional appearance and rich texture, architects specify this natural slate for interior flooring, exterior paving stone, stair treads, fireplace surrounds and stone wall cladding. Black Lace Slate is available in natural cleft, honed and cascade finishes.

stone type



Silvery gray to black, and highly reflective. It has a three-dimensional appearance even when honed smooth. Natural markings occur.

weathering characteristic

“Semi-weathering”, meaning that some pieces change color when used outside and others do not. Those that do take on gold tones. (Black Lace’s weathering characteristic is an aesthetic consideration and does not adversely affect its performance or durability).


Relatively even cleft, exceptionally strong and hard, durable, dense, low absorption rate, resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. Slip-, stain-, and heat-resistant. No detrimental effects on the environment.


interior, exterior


Depending on the application, an impregnating sealer may be required. Contact us for information regarding the use of sealers, impregnators, oiling, cleaning, etc.


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stone image | specifications | finishes | applications | projects

Finishes Descriptions

Natural Cleft - a textured, natural finish both visually and to the touch. Achieved by splitting the stone along its cleave with a hammer and chisel.

Honed - an extremely smooth, eggshell finish. Achieved with the use of the diamonds.

Cascade - a fairly flat, uniform finish with subtle ripples and soft texture.