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Grafton Cloud Marble is an excellent choice for interior and exterior applications. Because of its excellent properties and performance, and near white appearance, architects repeatedly specify this natural marble for interior flooring, exterior paving stone, stair treads, fireplace surrounds and stone wall cladding. Grafton Cloud Marble is available in honed, polished, sandblasted and bush hammered finishes.

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Near white with subtle markings. The markings are often cloud-like in appearance.


Grafton Cloud is one of the finest marbles quarried today. Compact grain structure makes it relatively non-absorptive and frost-proof. Its excellent compressive and bending strength, weatherproof capacity, hardness and special brightness make it an historically prestigious stone and particularly well-suited to architectural uses. Like all marble, Grafton Cloud is affected by acids. No detrimental effects on the environment. Large piece sizes are available.


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Depending on the application, impregnating sealers may be required. Contact us for information regarding the use of sealers, impregnators, cleaning, etc.


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stone image | specifications | finishes | applications | projects

Finishes Descriptions

Honed – an extremely smooth, eggshell finish. Achieved with the use of fine diamonds.

Sandblasted - muted appearance in a flat, gritty finish.

Polished – more shiny and reflective than honed.

Bush Hammered – small, round marks give this a dotted appearance with light relief.