Quality Measures

Our goal is to produce first-rate products. By doing all of our own quarrying and fabricating, we control production at every stage - from quarry planning to packing finished pieces.

Four primary factors distinguish us in terms of quality:

  1. Our Deposit - The stone we extract from our quarries is exceptionally high quality and has surpassed all ASTM requirements for slate.
  2. Experience & Mindset - Many people at Vermont Structural Slate have worked here for more than 10 years (a few over 40 years); several of their fathers worked here most of their lives as well. Custom stone production requires experience, skill and an appreciation for the stone. We have these qualities and care about what leaves our mills. We know this is crucial to our success.
  3. Equipment - We have the specialized equipment and facilities necessary for the custom stone business.
  4. Constant Sorting - We constantly sort work-in-progress and we are fussy. We remove pieces that stray out of the desired color range, contain flints or other blemishes, are cracked or uneven, or have chipped corners or edges.